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Subaru Impreza

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Body Style


Passenger seats

Curb weight
3075 lbs

City economy
23 mpg

Highway economy
31 mpg



Type of Engine
Regular Unleaded H-4

Size of Engine
2.0 L/122

152 @ 6000

145 @ 4000

Manual w/OD (5 speed)

All Wheel Drive

Specifications above are for standard options

Subaru Impreza

Who says style and fuel efficiency can't go hand-in-hand? They can, and the auto world is abuzz with chatter about the Subaru Impreza. Completely redesigned for 2015, the new Impreza comes in new colors and that same go-anywhere attitude that defines the spirit of a Subaru.

Both the 2011 and 2015 Impreza offer 4-door and 5-door body styles, with all-wheel drive. The interior is roomy and comfortable, with enough cargo space to suit most drivers. Subaru's website is promoting the Impreza to younger drivers as the best "first new car" to invest in. The new Impreza, rolling out in December of 2015, is already garnering accolades. Motor Trend magazine reviewers were suitably "Imprezed" with the car's baby-Legacy appearance, clean lines and agile performance.

Impreza's Efficiency

The 2015 Impreza prides itself on being "the most fuel-efficient All-Wheel-Drive car in America." The Impreza offers an impressive 27 mpg/city and 36 mpg/highway on the automatic and 25/33 on the five-speed manual transmission. This is due in part to a sophisticated automatic transmission system that incorporates smooth, efficient shifting for better overall performance and fuel efficiency.

Impreza Interior

Somehow, the engineers at Subaru magically managed to add 2 inches of Interior legroom for the rear passengers, as well as more cargo space, without making the Impreza any longer or wider than was in 2011. The new Impreza boasts nearly 50 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats down. Finally, the smooth interior boasts soft touch materials throughout the dashboard, center console and doors.

Impreza Exterior

Motor Trend called the 5-door Impreza a "baby Legacy," and we certainly see the resemblance. The 5-door 2015 Impreza harkens back to the Legacy wagon that was discontinued in the 2008 model year (the Outback wagon took over from there). The four-door 2015 Impreza looks like a slightly scaled-down version of the 2015 Legacy sedan, providing different options for different price preferences.

Safety and the Impreza

The Impreza features a beefed-up chassis with special reinforcements that allow it to withstand the crush of up to four times its own weight. It's also lighter, faster and more responsive than ever before. New knee-height airbags make sure every inch of driver and passenger are protected.


Equal parts smart and sexy, the newly redesigned Subaru Impreza is a powerful choice for those of us who've just got to have both. This 2015, make it a date.

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