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Body Style


Passenger seats

Curb weight
3428 lbs

City economy
22 mpg

Highway economy
32 mpg



Type of Engine
Intercooled Turbo Regular Unle

Size of Engine
2.0 L/122

252 @ 6500

273 @ 1500

Automatic w/OD (10 speed)

Front Wheel Drive

Specifications above are for standard options

The Honda Accord - Evolutionary Excellence

Many years ago, giant LeSabre's and LTD's roamed the earth. They were huge lumbering beasts, capable of devouring an entire Texaco with a single fill up. Over time, man tamed these monstrous machines, and many of them were used to carry his brood to "the place of learning", and DinoBall practice.

As time passed, smaller and more nimble creatures started arriving on trade ships from the far East. One creature known as the Honda Accord was well favored by man, and it soon became a popular companion in the land known as Suburbia...

The Modern Day Accord...

Fortunately, things are a lot different today. Cars aren't sloppily made machines that guzzle gas like a sailor on shore leave. And occupant safety is actually a part of the design stage, instead of just an afterthought.

Leading this Renaissance is car design were Japanese players like Honda, who showed the world that you could have a reasonably priced car that was reliable & good to drive. And their standard-bearer has long been the Accord.

The Honda Accord is made in America, to American taste. It's now considered a full-sized car, and the ride/handling are much softer than in previous generations. As a result, the Accord leans a bit more than expected in the curves, and the brakes are less than stellar. But the steering remains sharp and responsive, giving the driver a modicum of confidence.

A trademark of the Honda Accord has always been a low cowl & good visibility. And naturally the Honda Accord has both. It also has a Caprice-sized cabin, and a trunk that can easily hold 4-5 bodies (6 if you fold down the rear seat). Put all this together with the smushy handling characteristics, and the Honda Accord could pass for an American car. Oh wait, it is!

Jokes aside, this is a very competent family car with loads of charm.

The sharp steering and supportive seats make the Honda Accord feel more engaging than your typical family sedan. Plus, you're getting that legendary Honda bulletproof-ness, which is tough to explain, but easy to feel.

Accord's Flavors

Available flavors include the 177-hp 4-cyl, and the 271-hp 3.5 liter V6. The 4-pot can be had with a smooth-shifting 5-speed manual, but the V6 has to make due with the 5-speed automatic. At this point, many journo's will point out that Sonata and Camry now have 6-speed gearboxes. However, Honda's tranny works just fine for a car that's designed to gobble up highway miles like a Hungry Hippo.

The gas mileage numbers are solid when compared to many of the Accord's competitors. The official numbers are - 4-cyl; 23 city / 34 hwy / 27 combined (for both manual & auto), and 20 city / 30 hwy / 24 combined.

As you would expect, the Honda Accord can be had in a simple, cheap sundress, or a leather-lined party frock. The (base) 2015 Honda Accord LX gets power everything, CD, iPod & USB. The SE gets leather, and the EX gets a sunroof. The high-end EX-L gets Bluetooth, heated seats, and Nav, while the V6 version adds memory seats.

On the safety front, you get all the usual exploding bags and computer stability systems. But you also get Honda's brilliant ACE body structure, which compresses to distribute crash energy through the body structure, instead of directly into the cabin. This helped the 2015 Honda Accord to score 5-Stars in NHTSA's crash testing.

Why Buy the Accord?

Safety, Luxury, and Performance. What's more to want?

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